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The largest and most aggressive landlord collection agency in the country

Why Rent Recovery Service

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Features Of Contingency Program

Electronic Surveillance

Every judgment debtor is placed on a nationwide tracking system. This system allows us to follow their financial lives without their knowledge. If they attempt to get credit, purchase real estate, or apply for an apartment we are notified immediately. This remarkable monitoring system can even alert us if they have applied for a job or opened a new bank account. 

Asset Location and Confiscation

Our staff of licensed private investigators and trained collection agents will locate assets and arrange for levy or repossession. 

Legal Documentation

All necessary documentation is prepared by paralegals and attorneys at no additional cost to you. A national network of legal advisors has been assembled to assist us with collections in every state. 

Credit Bureau Reporting

All files will be reported to the three major national credit bureaus: Experian, TransUnion and Equifax.

Contingency based collection means that payment for our work is contingent upon our success. If we are unsuccessful in our attempts to collect, it costs you nothing. If we successfully collect the debt, or any portion of it, our fee is based on a share of what is collected.

Our contingency based collection efforts are open-ended and relentless. Since we don't get paid until the debt is paid, we never give up on any account. Our exclusive electronic surveillance software tracks the financial status of every debtor, every day, anywhere in the country. Licensed investigators, attorneys, and our trained collection team tenaciously work together to locate, monitor, and confiscate assets. No other company pursues delinquent tenants as aggressively.

  • The largest and most aggressive landlord debt collection agency in the country.
  • A highly trained and experienced staff of skip tracers, attorneys, private investigators and professional collection agents team.
  • Specializing in delinquent rent collection for over 25 years.
  • Nationwide electronic surveillance and an asset flagging system.
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